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Join our new on-line entry website and use it to enhance your Running (event) Experience.  It’s more than on-line entries.  It’s a new social media experience with a unique sports theme.  And, it’s for everyone - whether you’re Running or Not. After you setup your new Run ENDURO USA account you can send a “Draft Notice” to other  Run ENDURO account holders that you know.  If they accept your Draft Notice, you will be in  their “Locker Room” and they will be in yours.  You can create as many different Rosters (and  Locker Rooms) as you want.  For example, you can have a Roster/Locker Room for you and  your friends who train (run) together, and a different Roster/Locker Room for your friends who  are not runners.  Or (for example), if you are a coach at school, you can have a Roster/Locker  Room for your Cross Country Team and a different Roster/Locker Room for their parents. So, set up your own Run ENDURO account --- enter local races and events --- PLUS enjoy a  NEW social media experience with your family, friends, training partners, booster club, etc.  Run ENDURO is for everyone  - - -  Running or Not. 
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